Integrated development of vehicle three electric system

1.Overview of development process

1.1 According to the technical parameters of the vehicle, design, calibrate and test the structure and functional requirements of the power system to provide customers with turnkey engineering services.

1.2 The development process is as follows:

(1)Make overall plan of vehicle development.

(2)Input the basic parameters, power economy index, drawing and mathematical model of prototype vehicle.

(3)Simulation calculation of vehicle power economy.

(4)Determine powertrain requirements and vehicle functional requirements.

(5)Design vehicle system architecture and network communication topology.

(6)Analysis of vehicle technical scheme and determination of parts selection.

(7)Arrange the mechanical structure and body reform plan.

(8)Parts procurement and trial production.

(9)Trial production and trial assembly of the whole vehicle.

(10)Vehicle functional performance test verification.

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