Recently, yidingfeng company completed the second round of equity incentive plan, and the employee stock ownership platform of the company was changed from 11 to 24. Through equity incentive, we can retain excellent talents, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of middle-level managers and core staff, and effectively combine


On December 11, 2020, the "2020 (7th) tram National People's Congress and China's top 100 electric vehicle industry chain award ceremony" sponsored by the tram people's Federation was held in Beijing. Our chairman Zhao Chunming was invited to attend. The list of "top 100 core parts" of electric vehicles in 2020 was rel


On November 3, 2020, the first meeting of the Seventh National tractor Standardization Technical Committee was held in Chengdu. 120 tractor Standard Committee members and representatives from all over the country attended the meeting and discussed and reviewed a series of tractor standards. Chen mengkun, member of the


Recently, Zhao Chunming, the founder and general manager of the company, was invited to participate in the seminar on standardization of grass-roots organizations and the activity of "science and technology into rural areas" jointly organized by Baoding Municipal Committee of Jiusan Society and Zaozhuang Municipal Comm


In order to implement the policies and measures of the state and our city to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, enhance the independent innovation ability of small and medium-sized enterprises, continuously improve the quality of development, and take the development road of "specialization


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